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Voitto LogoVoitto is a visionary and courageous media agency that understands people and time. Our mission is to make profit to our clients with the support of our strong network.

We identify growth opportunities. We gather and present information to support our insight. We monitor and optimize the media investments’ effectiveness. We measure and act on results.

Voitto is a 100% Salomaa Group owned Finnish company, collaborating with both domestic and international clients. An agile and independent operator with a large group in the background.


Voitto is part of Salomaa Group, the largest family-owned group of marketing and consulting companies in the Nordic countries.

Voitto has a strong team of 30 professionals. Our turnover is 34,3 MEUR and we have the highest credit rating AAA, by Soliditet’s credit assessment system.


Lapinlahdenkatu 1 B

tel +358 9 693 033
fax +358 9 693 1413




  • Sari Haavisto
    Sari Haavisto

    Managing Director
    Tel. +358 40 508 5539
  • Päivi Muraja
    Päivi Muraja
    Client Director
    Tel. +358 40 755 3867